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Testosterone Cypionate For Sale

Testosterone Cypionate For Sale – You can buy testosterone cypionate in USA cheaply. Roidforsale is a trusted anabolic steroid supplier. Testosterone cypionate belongs to the depot testosterones. Once injected, it increases testosterone levels for around two weeks. If you consider the half-life, which is given as 8-9 days, a weekly injection still appears advisable. In practice, this testosterone ester is injected once every 5-7 days in order to achieve the most constant level of active ingredient possible. The injection dosage depends on the bodybuilders’ goal and level of development. Beginners usually need no more than one injection of 200/250 mg per week as a first cycle for solid muscle gain, while advanced users inject 400/500 mg every five days for excellent results. You can find testosterone cypionate for sale in RoidForSale. Although depot testosterone is usually mainly used in mass phases, it is also suitable for diets in order to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. However, it is advisable to slightly increase the weekly dose to ensure adequate muscle protection and to counteract excessive conversion to estrogen with an aromatase inhibitor. Because like every depot of testosterone, this active substance also aromatizes from a certain limit. Anyone who doses higher than 400-500mg per week should consider taking an aromatase inhibitor. Active ingredients such as anastrozole, letrozole, or exemestane are suitable here. Since testosterone in any form has an intensive effect on your own hormonal balance, extensive post-cycle therapy is recommended afterward. Two weeks before the end of the course, the use of HCG should be considered, followed by the usage of clomiphene and/or tamoxifen citrate. Below you can find products of testosterone cypionate for sale.