Shipping Information

We have a live steroid stock for sale. The orders are shipped in 1-2 business days after the payment is confirmed.

We provide maximum discreet shipping guarantee. Nobody knows that you buy steroids from us.

We guarantee that we will reship if the package is lost during transport or does not arrive to you.

Shipping FAQ

Can I get information about shipping?

  • We distribute from different locations and provide maximum privacy, care, and precaution while preparing your package.
  • We minimize the package size without loss of security.
  • All personal data is protected with multiple layers of security, including data encryption.
  • We frequently analyze the packets sent to provide the safest shipping methods.
  • We do not give reship warranty for Germany, Australia and Canada but we provide %20 discount if our costumers want us to send again.
  • If you want us to ship to another country, except the above countries, please submit a ticket! We will deal with it!
  • Odin and Beligas products can be ordered only from USA.

What are shipping costs?

  • We have 3 shipping options;
    1. USA Domestic Standart: $25.00 (Odin, Beligas, Deus, Xeno, PharmaQo products)
    2. International Standart: $30.00 (HGH, Xeno, Pharma products)
    3. International Express Shipping: $70.00 (HGH, Xeno, Pharma products)
  • International Standart: You will able to obtain your products in 7-21 working days.
  • International Express: You will able to obtain your products in 1-7 working days.
  • USA Domestic Standart: You will able to obtain your products in 1-7 working days.
  • The products will be sent in tightly wrapped envelopes. If the package weight is over 500 gr., we use automatically an extra envelope for safe shipping and customs passing therefore we have to charge one more shipping price.
  • During Covid restrictions, delivery time for US Domestic and International Standart may vary.

When and how can I track my order?

  • When; You will get your tracking number in a maximum of 24 hours for pharma grade products after the payment is confirmed. Most of the time its within 12-24 hours.
  • How; As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification e-mail about your order. In addition to this, Go to My Account > Orders to view the available actions and check order status.

How do I contact Customer Service about my order?

Sign in to your account and go to My Account->Submit Ticket. After selecting the department (Shipping), and writing the subject (Order Number) and message, submit a ticket by clicking on the button “Submit Ticket”.

If we have missed any questions or answers, please feel free to contact us!