Zoretanin 20 mg

Manufacturer : Drogsan
Active Substance : Isotretinoin
Pack : 30 Tabs X 20 mg.
Form : Oral
Shipping : International

Zoretanin 20 belongs to the category of skin health.
Zoretanin 20 mg is used to treat severe types of acne in adults.


What is Zoretanin 20 mg?

Zoretanin 20 mg contains isotretinoin as an active substance, which is associated with vitamin A and is included in a group called retinoids. Each Zoretanin 20 mg package contains 10 mg soft gelatin capsules in duplex blisters of 30 capsules. Capsules are oval, opaque, brown-red and ROA 10 printed.

What is Zoretanin 20 mg used for?

Zoretanin 20 mg is used for severe types of acne such asĀ  lumpy (nodular), round (conglobate) acne, or acne with a risk of permanent scarring. You can use Zoretanin 20 mg if your acne does not disappear with anti-acne treatments, including antibiotics and skin treatments.

What is in box of Zoretanin 20 mg?

Each package of Zoretanin 20 Mg contains 30 tabs x 20 mg.

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Skin Health

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