Ultima – Prop 100

Manufacturer : Ultima Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance :
Testosterone Propionate
Pack :
1 Vial x 10ml,100 mg/ml
Form :
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What is Testosterone P 100?

Testosterone P 100 contains testosterone propionate that is one of the most popular anabolic and androgenic steroids between bodybuilders. You can benefit from Testosterone P 100’s rapid development effect on muscles.

What is Testosterone P 100 used for?

Testosterone P 100’s highly active testosterone propionate ester causes rapid absorption of testosterone in your body to make your improvement faster in short period. With propionate ester, your testosterone level will reach peak in short time and this effect continues several hours. Testosterone propionate’s androgenic and anabolic effects will promote your muscles with your effort. Testosterone hormones will make your bodybuilding process easier. If you are starting to use Testosterone P 100, you probably desire rapid effects during your workouts. Testosterone P 100’s testosterone-related effects will be performance-enhancing. Increased testosterone levels can increase your muscle mass, hardness, and endurance.

Similar to trenbolone, testosterone propionate is a true all-round active ingredient. Regardless of whether competition or muscle building is the goal, or whether the user is a beginner or a woman, testosterone propionate offers immense advantages for every target group.

Testosterone propionate is injectable testosterone dissolved in oil with a propionate ester attached. Propionate is a so-called “short-term ester”, which means that on the one hand, it gives a rapid onset of action, but on the other hand, the half-life is relatively short.

What is in a box of Testosterone P 100?

Each package of Prop 100 contains 10ml vial 100mg /1ml.


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Active Substance

Testosterone Propionate

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