Test Suspension 100 mg

Manufacturer  : Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance : Testosterone Suspension
Pack : 1 Vial x 10ml, 100 mg/ml
Form : Injectable
Shipping : USA Domestic

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Test Suspension 100 belongs to the category of injectable steroids.
Test Suspension 100 mg is used to improve physique and performance.


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What is Testosterone Suspension 100?

Testosterone Suspension 100 is testosterone suspension for extremely rapid muscle gain. An injectable variant of testosterone, Testosterone Suspension, is occasionally used for training, which is an active substance of Testosterone Suspension 100.

What is  Testosterone Suspension 100 used for?

Testosterone Suspension 100 is an injectable steroid that contains testosterone without any attachment. Testosterone Suspension 100 enters blood fast and causes rapid muscle and strength gain. Testosterone Suspension 100 attracts attention with its recovery and muscle endurance effect for bodybuilders.

Testosterone Suspension 100 is also used in the last 10-14 days before a bodybuilding competition in order to tease out optimal muscle hardness. Bodybuilders report excellent results when Testosterone Suspension is used in conjunction with the Carbohydrate Discharge-Charge technique. Those who have discharged their body through a carbohydrate withdrawal for several days, and start e.g. with carbohydrate loading 2-3 days before the competition, with the aim of storing as much glycogen as possible in the muscle cells, can optimize the procedure with 100-200 mg Testosterone Suspension daily. Testosterone Suspension 100 significantly increases the storage of glycogen in muscle cells and, as it is dissolved in water, works almost immediately. As is known, glycogen also binds water in the muscle cells, which manifests itself here in extremely tight and full muscles.




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Testosterone Suspension

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