Supo Aromasin 25 Mg

Manufacturer : Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance  : Exemestane
Pack : 50 Tabs x 25 Mg
Form : Oral
Shipping : USA Domestic

  USA Warehouse 4

Supo Aromasin 25 belongs to the category of Post Cycle Therapy.
Supo Aromasin 25 mg is used to prevent gynecomastia and edema.


What is Supo Aromasin 25 mg?

Supo Aromasin 25 mg, which contains Exemestane, is a recently developed and powerful anti-estrogen drug that works by preventing the conversion of other molecules in the body to estrogen. Supo Aromasin 25 mg is used for post-cycle therapy.

What is Supo Aromasin 25 mg used for?

Supo Aromasin 25 mg can use after cutting a steroid cycle. During the cycle, your body stops producing natural testosterone. Then you will observe estrogenic effects on your body due to lack of testosterone. Supo Aromasin 25 mg works by inhibiting up to 98% estrogen synthesis and causes to remove estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, fat accumulation, and water retention.

Exemestane increases the luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones (LH and FSH) independently of the dose, which is explained by the decrease in the level of estrogen and the associated feedback from the pituitary gland and the subsequent release of gonadotropins. For this reason, exemestane is often used for post-cycle therapy.

What is in a box of Supo Aromasin 25 mg?

Each package of Supo Aromasin 25 contains 50 tabs x 25 mg.



Post Cycle Therapy

Active Substance

Aromasin Exemestane

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How to use Supo Aromasin 25 mg?

Bodybuilders primarily use Supo Aromasin 25 mg together with strongly flavoring steroids and use half to a full 25 mg tablet every 2-3 days or alternatively a quarter tablet daily.

Intermediate bodybuilders who want to reduce their estrogen levels to a maximum shortly before a performance often use higher dosages of Supo Aromasin 25 mg in the short term, up to 25 mg per day, since a stronger effect is desired here.

Exemestane is also good for women, but it only makes sense for those who want to get as low body fat as possible. Regular use increases the risk of virilization.

Exemestane is also used in post cycle therapy and is taken as a quarter to half a 25 mg tablet per day.

Beginners: 12,5 mg every 2-3 days or 6,25 mg/day
Intermediate bodybuilders: 12,5 mg every 2-3 days or 6,25 mg/day
Professional bodybuilders: 12,5 mg every 2-3 days or 6,25 mg/day
Women: 12,5 mg every 2-3 days or 6,25 mg/day
Application period: cure length, Post-Cycle-Therapie


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