Superdrol 25 Mg

ACTIVE SUBSTANCE MethylDrostanolone
CLASSIFICATION Injectable Steroids
FORM 10 Ml X 25 Mg/Ml
DOSAGE 10-20 Mg/Day
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What is Superdrol 25 Mg?

Due to its low to moderate anabolic strength, Superdrol 25 Mg is not regarded as being a very good mass addition or bulking compound, and in fact many experienced anabolic steroid users suggest that due to its higher price and its moderate anabolic strength, it is only of real value to competitive bodybuilders who wish to achieve a very hardened and ‘chiseled’ look to the physique once on-stage in a show. When stacked with other particular compounds, Methyl Drostanolone (Superdrol 25 Mg) has been shown to bring out a ‘ripped’ physique to an even greater deal. However, these ‘hardening’ properties of Methyl Drostanolone (Superdrol 25 Mg) do not exhibit themselves in the user unless he or she possesses a low enough body fat percentage to be able to allow these hardening effects to become visible. This leads to the next major property of Masteron.

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