S23 10 Mg

Manufacturer : Deus Medical
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50 Tabs x 10 Mg
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What is S23 10 Mg ?

S23 10 Mg is the one what bioavailable and also non-steroidal SARM that can help increase bone tissue and lean muscle.
S23 10 Mg SARM is known to be tissue-selective.
According to some research and reports of the specialists, S23 10 Mg is considered to be the closest SARM to traditional steroids.

What is S23 10 Mg ? used for ?

The most important duty of this SARM are the hardening of muscles and coarser aesthetic appear.
Experts suggest that you begin with a dosage of 5 mg per day and based on your results work your way up to 15 mg per day.
You must not forget that S23 10 Mg has a half-life of 12 hours, it means that you need to divide your
daily dosage into two parts and get the first in the morning and the second in the evening.

What is in a box of S23 10 Mg ? ?

Each package of S23 10 Mg contains 50 Tablets x 10 mcg.


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