Propha Masteron 100 Mg

MANUFACTURER Beligas Pharmaceuticals
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE Drostanolone Propionate
CLASSIFICATION Injectable Steroids
FORM 10 Ml X 100 Mg/Ml
DOSAGE 300-700 Mg/Week
Shipping Zones Domestic Shipping



What is Propha Masteron 100 Mg?

Propha Masteron 100 Mg contains drostanolone propionate that is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This makes Propha Masteron 100 mg not aromatize in any dosage and therefore cannot be converted to estrogen. Because of it, Propha Masteron 100 mg a predominantly androgenic steroid. The bodybuilder can increase his androgen level without risking increasing his estrogen levels. Propha Masteron 100 mg is an androgenic steroid that contains drastanolone propionate to block the aromatization of testosterone in your body. This effect is useful to maximize the yield of workouts.

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