Primo 10 Mg

Manufacturer : Xeno Labs
Active Substance : Methenolone Acetate
Pack : 60 Tabs x 10 Mg
Form : Oral
Shipping : International

Xeno Primo 10 belongs to the category of oral steroids.
Xeno Primo 10 mg is used to improve physique and performance.


What is Primo 10 mg?

Primo 10 mg is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that contains Methenolone Acetate. For a slight increase in longer periods, You can improve or protect your body’s muscle strength, hardness, and mass. Primo 10 mg’s less estrogenic effects can help you with fat loss.

What is Primo 10 mg used for?

Primo 10 mg’ moderate anabolic, weak androgenic properties will be a smart choice for your long-period plans. The characteristic behavior of Methenolone Acetate acetate is that; it binds to androgen receptors better than testosterone. Due to this, Primo 10 mg is powerful than testosterone. During the Methenolone acetate cycle, you don’t need to worry about the aromatization of Primo 10 mg. Because its active substance doesn’t interact with an aromatizing enzyme, your estrogen levels will not increase due to lack of aromatization, but your natural testosterone production can be reduced. In order to handle this, you can use post cycle supplements after Primo 10 mg cycle.

Methenolone whether in the injectable acetate/enanthate variant or the oral acetate form, is a slightly anabolic, but more androgenic steroid. Since Methenolone Acetate does not aromatize, rapid mass gains and a noticeable increase in strength are completely excluded from the outset. Rather, Methenolone Acetate causes slight, even muscle growth over a longer period of time.

What is in a box of Xeno Primo 10?

Each package of Xeno Primo 10 contains 30 tabs x 10 mg



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How to use Xeno Primo 10 mg?

Beginners use 75-150 mg Primo 10 mg per day, which corresponds to 3-6 tablets of 25 mg. It is advisable to split the daily dose over three times during the day in order to ensure an active substance level in the blood.

Women use 25-100 mg (tablets) per day or inject 25-100 mg of methenolone acetate every other day, but should be aware of the androgenic effects of the methenolone acetate.

Professional bodybuilders use Methenolone Acetate in a daily dose of 150-300 mg orally or locally (with the help of a cream containing DMSO), even if the hoped-for effect could be relatively minor.

Beginners: 75- 150 mg/day
Intermediate bodybuilders: 100-150 mg/day
Professional bodybuilders: 150-300 mg/day
Women: 25-100 mg/day

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