Pheno Npp 100 Mg

Manufacturer : Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance : Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
Pack : 1 Vial x 10ml,100 mg/ml
Form : Injectable
Shipping : USA Domestic

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Pheno NPP 100 belongs to the category of injectable steroids.
Pheno NPP 100 mg is used to improve physique and performance.


What is Pheno Npp?

Pheno Npp contains a low androgenic active substance called nandrolone phenylpropionate. Pheno Npp is similar 3 times than testosterone to an androgenic receptor.

What is Pheno Npp used for?

Pheno Npp’s effect arises from impacting androgenic receptors to realize the transferase of testosterone. For androgenic actions and transferase of testosterone, the substance must interact with androgenic receptors. Therefore, Pheno Npp is much useful for muscle growth with a faster regenerative effect. 

The active ingredient nandrolone phenylpropionate in a Pheno Npp is fast-acting and especially short-acting nandrolone. Similar to the well-known testosterone propionate, the active ingredient level rises shortly after the injection and then falls back to the starting level within two days. In practice, this means more regular injections. Since phenylpropionate has a slightly longer half-life than propionate, an injection every three days is sufficient. However, it is usually injected at least every other day, often daily. The explanation for this procedure can be found when looking at the amount of active ingredient per milliliter. If the bodybuilder does not want to inject huge amounts of Pheno Npp in milliliters per injection, he has no choice but to switch to at least two daily injections.

What is in a box of Pheno Npp?

Each package of Pheno Npp contains 10 ml Vial 100mg/ml.



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How to use Pheno Npp?

Beginners can get good muscle growth rates by injecting 50-100 mg every two days. The application period is normally 12 weeks, but can easily be extended to 16 or more weeks. A combination with an injectable testosterone ester should be considered, e.g. 250 mg testosterone enanthate per week.

Intermediate bodybuilders mostly use 50-100 mg/day and thus achieve a solid muscle gain with moderate water retention. Those who want to combine this active substance with another steroid must use testosterone enanthate or propionate.

Some ambitious bodybuilders use Pheno Npp as an anabolic basic steroid during a diet phase and inject 100-150 mg daily.

Women like to use Pheno Npp and inject 50 mg every 2-3 days. With a disciplined diet, this dosage promises a good muscle build-up and at the same time minimizing side effects.

Beginners: 50-100 mg every other day
Intermediate bodybuilders: 50-100 mg/day
Professional bodybuilders: 100-150 mg/day
Women: 50 mg every 2-3 days
Application period: 12-24 weeks


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