Femamed 2.5 Mg

Manufacturer : DEUS MEDICAL
Active Substance : Letrozole
Pack : 50 Tabs x 2.5 Mg
Form : Oral
Shipping : EU Domestic, International

Mono Femara 2.5 belongs to the category of Post Cycle Therapy.


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What is Femamed 2.5 mg?

Mono Femara 2.5 mg contains letrozole that is used for post cycle therapy and used to suppress the increased level of estrogen in the body. You can use Mono Femara 2.5 mg during post cycle therapy.

What is Femamed 2.5 mg used for?

Femamed 2.5 mg blocks the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogens. Bodybuilders who use steroids take advantage of this effect and combine letrozole with moderately to strongly aromatizing steroids to largely avoid estrogen-related side effects. Femamed 2.5 mg mg is primarily used by bodybuilders in preparation for competitions/diets to achieve the lowest possible body fat percentage.

Femamed 2.5 mg contains Letrozole, and Letrozole is widely used in post cycle therapy. As we know, the fastest possible absorption of the body’s own testosterone production after a steroid cycle is extremely important and it is precisely at this point that letrozole does an excellent job thanks to its pronounced estrogen-lowering properties. The dosage used here is 1.25 mg per day.

Letrozole is also primarily used by bodybuilders in preparation for competitions/diets in order to achieve the lowest possible body fat percentage. Since estrogen is known to be a very potent hormone when it comes to storing and conserving body fat, especially in problem areas, the bodybuilder must take strict care to shift the ratio between estrogens and androgens as much as possible in favor of the latter, to ultimately achieve optimal hardness and definition. The dose used is usually 2.5 mg letrozole/Femamed 2.5 mg mg per day.





Post Cycle Therapy

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