Expigment Cream 4

Manufacturer : Orva
Active Substance : Hydroquinone
Pack : 1 x 30 g cream.
Form : Cream
Shipping : Internationa

Expigment Cream belongs to the category of Skin Health.
Expigment Cream 4 used to lighten areas of darkened skin such as freckles or sun damage


What is Expigment Cream 4?

Expigment Cream 4 is a product that is applied to the skin. It belongs to a group of drugs called other dermatological. Expigment Cream 4 contains 40 mg hydroquinone in 1 gram as active substance. Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching substance.

What is Expigment Cream 4 used for?

Expigment Cream 4 is used to gradually lighten the areas of the skin which has dark appearance (hyperpigmentation). Hydroquinone, the active ingredient of Expigment Cream 4, shows its effect by slowing down the production of a substance called melanin, which gives the skin its color. With the decrease of melanin pigment, the darkened skin color returns to its normal color over time.

What is in box of Expigment Cream 4?

Each package of Expigment contains 30 g cream.


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How to Use Expigment Cream 4?

Unless otherwise recommended by your doctor, Expigment Cream 4 is applied twice a day to the required areas.  Apply Expigment Cream 4 only with a thin layer of cream to the affected (dark) areas of your skin. During the use of the Expigment Cream 4, try to stay away from the sun, and protect the treated areas with a sunscreen product or clothing.

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