Exetu 25 Mg

Manufacturer : Onko
Active Substance : Exemestane
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30 Tabs x 25 mg
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What is Exetu 25mg?

Exetu 25mg is a recently developed and powerful anti-estrogen drug that works by preventing the conversion of other molecules in the body to estrogen. The medicine Exetu 25mg with its active ingredient Exemestane is one of the selective aromatase inhibitors.

What is Exetu 25mg used for?

Exetu 25mg can use after cutting a steroid cycle. During the cycle, your body stops producing natural testosterone. Then you will observe estrogenic effects on your body due to lack of testosterone. Exetu 25mg works by inhibiting up to 98% estrogen synthesis and causes remove estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, fat accumulation, and water retention.

Exemestane suppresses the aromatase enzyme and thus prevents excessive aromatization from androgens to estrogens. Exetu 25mg works particularly well here. A daily dose of 25 mg causes a reduction in total aromatase activity by around 98%. The fact that the stated value of 98% can be maintained for 5-7 days is extremely interesting. Bodybuilders, therefore, use half a tablet to a whole tablet every 2-3 days or alternatively a quarter tablet daily. Such a dosage is already sufficient to prevent testosterone amounts of 500-750mg per week from aromatizing.

What is in a box of Exetu 25mg?

Each package of Exetu 25mg contains 30 tabs x 25 mg.

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Post Cycle Therapy

Active Substance

Aromasin Exemestane

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