Evigen Ampul 2 ml

Manufacturer : Aksu Pharma
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2 ml x 5 Amp
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Evigen Ampul 2 belongs to the category of vitamins & supplements.
Evigen ampul 2 ml is used to increase skin brightness, softens the skin, and helps to have porcelain skin.


What is Evigen Ampul 2 ml?

Evigen Ampul 2 ml is a product that nourishes the skin, increases skin brightness, softens the skin, and helps to have porcelain skin.

What is Evigen Ampul 2 ml used for?

Evigen Ampul 2 ml keeps the skin young and fights against aging. Its content is enriched with vitamin E. With this feature, Evigen Ampul 2 ml is a complete skin friend. This product is used in hair and skin care. Evigen Ampul 2 ml helps protect the health of hair and skin. Evigen Ampul 2 ml helps prevent negative effects on the skin from vitamin E deficiency. Evigen ampoule can be used in hair, nail, eyelash, and skincare, this product helps you to have thicker hair and moisturizes the skin and treats dryness of the skin.

What is in a box of Evigen Ampul 2 ml?

Each package of Evigen contains 2 ml x 5 Amp.


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How to Use Evigen Ampul 2 ml?

Many people wonder whether this liquid beneficial ingredient is put on the face. There is no harm in applying it directly to your face. When applying Evigen Ampul 2 ml, it is good to be careful not to pour it into the eyes and nose. It should be fed nicely around the eyes and under the eyes with fingertips. When applied regularly 2 times a week, it resolves conditions such as skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles, blackheads, and lifelessness.

Mask and Details for the Face: 1 Evigen ampoule, 1 dessert spoon, and organic honey, 4 drops of lemon. Mix these materials homogeneously and apply them regularly to your skin every day. When you apply it regularly, you will get smooth skin for an average of 2 months. It is very good for skin problems like blemish, acne, blackhead.

Use For Hair: Pour this medicine directly into the scalp and massage it with your light fingers. After that, comb it gently with a comb and cover your hair with a bone. Rinse after applying Evigen Ampul 2 ml on the hair for about 1.5 hours. When you do it twice a week, you will get rid of problems such as hair loss, hair ends breakage and dandruff. It will also make hair more vivid and shiny.

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