Dodex 1000 Mcg

Manufacturer : Deva
Active Substance : Cyanocobalamin, B12
Pack : 5 Amp x 1000 Mcg
Form : Oral
Shipping : International

Dodex 1000 mcg belongs to the category of Post Cycle Therapy.

Dodex 1000mcg b12 injection is used to eliminate B12 deficiency in body.



What is Dodex 1000 mcg?

Dodex 1000 mcg is a solution containing red vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin in liquid form in 1 ml colorless ampoules. Dodex 1000 mcg is used for post cycle therapy.

What is Dodex 1000 mcg used for?

In addition to getting B12 from food, you can replenish your body’s B12 levels with a synthetic version of a nutrient known as cyanocobalamin in Dodex 1000 mcg. Dodex 1000 mcg contains Vitamin B12 with a high concentration of cyanocobalamin. The aim of injection with Dodex 1000 mcg is to solve the problem of vitamin deficiency in the body. You can benefit from cyanocobalamin in Dodex 1000 mcg in order to get rid of vitamin deficiency during post cycle therapy.

What is in a box of Dodex 1000 mcg?

Each package of Dodex 1000 mcg contains 1000 mcg X 5 Amp.


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How to use Dodex 1000 mcg?

During the Post Cycle Therapy, Dodex 1000 mcg is used by intramuscular injection only.

In the treatment of acute nerve pain, 500-1000 mcg of vitamin B12 is injected intramuscularly. It is recommended to continue the treatment of acute nerve inflammation and pain for 10 days. In the case of reoccurring, a Dodex 1000 mcg treatment cycle should be made again.

In anemia, due to vitamin B12 deficiency, treatment is started with 250-1000 mcg vitamin B12 daily and this treatment must be continued for 1-2 weeks.

If there are disorders associated with the nervous system disease, 1000 mcg B12 vitamin injection must be continued daily. When the results of the blood test show that it improves, 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 is injected intramuscularly once a month, and post cycle therapy is applied.

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