Dianabol 50 Mg

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50 tabs X 50 mg
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Dianabol 50 Odin Labs belongs to the category of oral steroids.
Dianabol 50mg is used to improve physique and performance.


What is Dianabol 50mg?

Dianabol 50mg is a powerful androgenic steroid that contains methandienone. Dianabol 50mg is extremely anabolic and almost as an androgenic product.

What is Dianabol 50mg used for?

Dianabol 50mg’s anabolic effect will stimulate your muscle cells to more production. It will make your workouts more efficient and satisfying. Methandienone is so effective for building strength and body weight with strong anabolic and androgenic effects pronounced anti-catabolic properties. In other words, Dianabol 50mg protects your muscle beside gaining mass.

Dianabol 50mg is clearly one of the most effective oral steroids when you compare the anabolic and the androgenic components. Methandienone is extremely androgenic and almost as strongly anabolic. In addition, the methandienone reduces the endogenous cortisol production by a considerable 50-70%. Less cortisol means less muscle breakdown. One speaks here of an anti-catabolic effect. In addition, Dianabol 50mg stimulates IGF-1 in muscle cells locally and specifically in the liver. No wonder that methandienone is so effective in building strength and body weight: strong anabolic and androgenic effects, pronounced anti-catabolic properties and a potent IGF-1 stimulator.

What is in a box of Dianabol 50mg?

Each package of Dianabol 50mg contains 50 tablets X 50 mg.



Oral Steroids

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Dianabol Methandienone

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How to use Dianabol 50 mg?

Dosages of 10-100 mg methandienone per day are taken. Beginners will get very good build-up results with 10-15 mg daily over a period of 4-6 weeks.

For intermediate bodybuilders, doses of 15-45 mg per day are sufficient, with 45 mg as the upper limit to breakthrough development plateaus. Professional bodybuilders are known to take up to 100 mg and more of Dianabol 50mg, especially in the build-up phase. One the one hand, the reason of this exaggerated consumption is that methandienone acts as a strong IGF-1 secretion and thus complements growth hormone excellently. On the other hand, due to its strong anabolic and androgenic effects, methandienone builds strength and mass like few other steroids.

Women should normally avoid methandienone due to its strong androgenic effect. Nevertheless, doses of 5 – 15 mg per day are observed in bodybuilders in the build-up phase and in the heavyweight classes of powerlifting, whereby even higher doses are observed in the latter users. The results that can be achieved during a four-week cycle are enormous, but unfortunately the expected side effects too.

Beginners: 10- 15 mg/day
Intermediate bodybuilders: 15-45 mg/day
Professional bodybuilders: 45-100 mg/day
Women: 5-15 mg/day
Application period: 4-6 weeks

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