Dermovate Ointment

Manufacturer : GSK
Active Substance : Clobetasol
Pack : 1 x 12 Gr
Form : Cream
Shipping : International

Dermovate Ointment belongs to the category of skin health.
Dermovate Ointment 0.05  is a skin health cream used to reduce skin inflammation.


What is Dermovate Ointment?

Dermovate Ointment is a member of a group of drugs called topical steroids that are rubbed into the skin. Topical steroids are used to treat certain skin problems itching and redness.

What is Dermovate Ointment used for?

Dermovate Ointment contains the active ingredient clobetasol propionate 0.05%, which is a type of medicine called a topical corticosteroid. Dermovate Ointment is a very potent corticosteroid used to reduce inflammation in the skin.
Skin inflammation happens when an allergic reaction or irritation of the skin causes various substances to be released in the skin that make blood vessels widen and result in the irritated area becoming red, swollen, itchy, and painful.
Dermovate Ointment acts inside the skin cells to stop the release of these inflammatory substances. This reduces the swelling, redness, and itching and so helps prevent scratching that can further irritate the skin.
Dermovate Ointment is more suitable for moist, weeping areas of skin, while the thicker, more greasy ointment is more suitable for dry, scaly areas of skin.

What is in box of Dermovate Ointment?

Each package of Dermovate Ointment contains 50g cream.


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How to use Dermovate Ointment?

Dermovate ointment is applied only to the skin. After the application of Dermovate ointment, if your hands are not the treated area, you should wash your hands.


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