Botox 100 Units

Manufacturer : Allergan
Active Substance : Onabotulinumtoxina
Pack :
1 x 100 Units
Form :
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Botox belongs to the category of skin health.
Botox 100 Units is used as a treatment to reduce facial wrinkles.


What is Botox 100 Units?

Botox 100 IU is produced in a freeze-dried (lyophilized) powder form. After it is prepared by diluting, it becomes an injection solution. Botox 100 IU is available in vials containing Allergan Unit Botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum toxin type A, the active ingredient of Botox 100 IU, is obtained from a microorganism called Clostridium botulinum. It is a muscle relaxant substance injected intramuscularly or into the skin.

What is Botox 100 Units used for?

Botox is used to treat cervical dystonia (severe spasms in the neck muscles) in adults; muscle stiffness in the elbows, wrists, and fingers in adults and children with upper limb spasticity; and muscle stiffness in the ankles or toes in adults with lower extremity spasticity and children aged 2 to 17 years. It is also used to treat severe armpit sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Botox is also used to treat overactive bladder and incontinence (urine leak) caused by nerve disorders such as spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis.

What is in a box of Botox 100 Units?

Each package of Botox contains 1 x 100 I.U.



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How to Use Botox 100 IU?

Botox 100 IU should only be applied by doctors who specialize in the use of this medicine.

Botox 100 IU will be injected into your muscles or skin. It is injected directly into the area of your body. Your doctor will usually inject Botox 100 IU from several different points within the affected area.

Botox 100 IU should only be used for one injection session in each patient after reconstitution. The remaining unused solution should be discarded.

Muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders:
Usually, improvement is seen within 2 weeks after the injection. The highest effect usually occurs 6 weeks after treatment. When the effect starts to decrease, a new treatment can be applied depending on the need; however, the interval should not be less than 10 weeks.

Armpit excessive sweating:
Generally, improvement is seen in the first week after injection. On average, the effect is usually permanent for 7.5 months after the first injection; In one of the 4 patients, it is still more permanent after 1 year. When the effect starts to decrease, a new treatment can be applied depending on the need; however, the intervals should not be less than 16 weeks.

Treatment of vertical lines between the eyebrows:
Improvement in the depth of the lines between the eyebrows usually occurs within the week after treatment. The highest effect is observed 5 to 6 weeks after injection. The treatment effect has been shown to be permanent for up to 4 months after injection. The period between the two treatments should not be shorter than three months.

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