Bold 300 Mg

Manufacturer : Xeno Labs
Active Substance:
Boldenone Undecylenate
Pack : 1
Vial x 10ml,300 mg/ml
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What is  Bold 300?

Bold 300 is an anabolic steroid that contains boldenone undecylenate also known as equipoise. Its anabolic properties can make your workouts more efficient and satisfying.

What is  Bold 300 used for?

Bold 300’s effects don’t show themselves in a day, but it is gradual and slow. Besides, the boldenone undecylenate cycle can a bit longer. During the cycle,  Bold 300 will promote your protein synthesis rate and metabolism. These anabolic impacts will boost your bodybuilding process during the cycle. Your training results will be more intense and observable with Bold 300. The results include muscle gains, density, hardness; improved endurance, and strength. Your gains will be clean and quality rather than fat and water gains.

The anabolic/androgenic steroid boldenone undecylenate was developed in 1949 by the well-known pharmaceutical company “Ciba” and is chemically considered as a testosterone derivative that is very similar to the active substance methandienone. Only the lack of 17-alpha-alkylation in boldenone undecylenate distinguishes both. Nevertheless, the effect of both steroids is completely different. The reason for this difference can be explained in a manner that, while methandienone is primarily valued as a mass building agent, has a strong androgenic effect and aromatizes quickly, boldenone tends to ensure a slow, constant gain in muscle mass, because of high quality in its androgenic and moderate aromatization. In practice, boldenone has been shown to convert about 50% less to estrogen than testosterone. Bodybuilders, therefore, use boldenone undecylenate mainly during a diet or when it is desirable to build primarily high-quality muscle mass.

What is in a box of Bold 300?

Each package of Bold 300 contains 10ml vial 300mg /1ml.





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How to use Xeno Bold 300 mg?

Beginners use 200-300 mg boldenone undecylenate per week and achieve a solid muscle build-up. Due to the mildness of the active ingredient and the slow and steady growth in muscle, a cure with Boldenone Undecylenate is usually 12 weeks and longer. It is not yet necessary to use another steroid in this phase.

Professional bodybuilders go up to 1000 mg per week, especially in the muscle growth phase. Here, boldenone undecylenate is also used as an anabolic steroid with injectable depot testosterone, e.g. combined testosterone enanthate in a dose of up to 1000 mg per week. It is not uncommon at this level of performance to add growth hormone (4 IU or more per day) and insulin (20 IU or more per day).

With such a stack, the bodyweight naturally increases rapidly during the build-up phase and the bodybuilder is able to handle enormous weights during training. Depending on how the diet is designed, the level of fluid retention and the possible fat accumulation will also be acceptable.

Women inject 50-100 mg per week and thus experience solid muscle-building with few side effects.


Beginners: 200-300 mg/week
Intermediate bodybuilders: 400-600 mg/week
Professional bodybuilders: 600-1000 mg/week
Women: 100-150 mg/week
Application period: 12 weeks, up to 6 months


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