Benexol B12 250 Mg

Manufacturer : Bayer
Pack :
30 tabs x 250 mg
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Shipping : International

Benexol belongs to the category of vitamins & supplements.
Benexol is used to prevent vitamin B12 and other B vitamins deficiency.


What is Benexol B12 250 mg?

Benexol B12 250 mg is used to prevent vitamin B12 and other B vitamins deficiency. Benexol B12 250 mg is available in packages of 30 and 50 tablets. Each tablet contains 250 mg Vitamin B, 250 mg Vitamin B6 and 1 mg Vitamin B12.

What is Benexol B12 250 mg used for?

Benexol B12 250 mg, which is a combination of vitamins B6 and B12, shows pain-relieving properties. Benexol B12 250 mg has an effect far above the effect that can be achieved by using the vitamins individually.
Benexol B12 250 mg is generally used for;
patients with risk factors for deficiency of vitamins B1, B6, and B12,
patients with general complaints such as fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, weakness, and tremors,
nerve inflammation, nerve damage due to diabetes, nerve pain, shingles,
other painful conditions such as joint inflammation, joint inflammation, sciatica, low back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, cramps, and rheumatic pain,
Benexol B12 250 mg is also used as an adjunct-treatment in heart muscle disorder, postoperative vomiting, radiation sickness, fever rheumatism, and especially poisoning during alcoholism.


What is in a box of Benexol B12 250 mg?

Each package of Benexol contains 30 tabs x 250 mg.



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How to Use Benexol B12 250 mg?

Take 1 film-coated tablet daily. BENEXOL B12 250 mg tablets should be swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of water and used in recommended doses.


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