Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml

Manufacturer : Sanofi
Pack :
5 Ampoule x 2 ml
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Bemiks Kompoze belongs to the category of vitamins & supplements.
Bemiks Kompoze 2 ml is used to prevent and replace the vitamins.


What is Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml?

The active ingredients of the Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml are Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, D-Panthenol, Niacinamide.

What is Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml used for?

Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is used for the prevention and replacement of vitamin deficiency in patients who cannot take the vitamins by their mouth. Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is used to treat vitamin deficiency due to nutritional disorders in order to support normal nutrition. Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is also used for the patients who have general complaints such as fatigue of the body and mind, forgetfulness, irritability, tremor in the arms, and legs, related with the nutritional requirements in patients with long postoperative periods. Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is used to prevent and eliminate vitamin B deficiency in shingles, nerve pain, nerve inflammation, nerve damage disorders in diabetes, heart muscle disorder, radiation sickness, and fever rheumatism. Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is also used as an adjunct to treatment in prolonged poisonings during alcoholism.

What is in a box of Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml?

Each package of Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml contains 5 Ampoule x 2 ml.


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How to Use Bemiks Composite?

Adults (including the elderly):1-2 ampoules per day.
Application way and method: It is added intramuscularly or intramuscularly (infusion) slowly into the vein.

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