Arimidex 1 Mg

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28 tabs x 1 mg
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Arimidex belongs to the category of Post Cycle Therapy.
Arimidex 1 mg is used to prevent gynecomastia and edema.

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What is Arimidex 1 mg?

Arimidex 1 mg is a powerful anti-estrogen drug, also known as anastrozole, reduces estrogen levels by blocking aromatase enzymes which converts testosterone into estrogen. Bodybuilders use Arimidex 1 mg to prevent excessive aromatization of the steroids used in their cycle.

What is Arimidex 1 mg used for?

Arimidex 1 mg, used by athletes in bodybuilding, has found its application to prevent gynecomastia and edema formation. Bodybuilders use Arimidex 1 mg to prevent excessive aromatization of the steroids used. Arimidex 1 mg does an excellent job here.

Scientific studies have shown that a single dose of Anastrozole for 1 mg can reduce the estrogen level by 70%, a daily dose after 14 days can even reduce it by 80%. Even 6 days after the last dose, a greatly reduced estrogen level was measured. Bodybuilders take this advantage of Arimidex 1 mg and use anastrozole primarily in combination with testosterone and other moderately to strongly flavoring steroids to suppress or avoid estrogen-related side effects, such as increased fat and water storage.

What is in a box of Arimidex 1 mg?

Each package of Arimidex contains 28 tabs x 1 mg.



Post Cycle Therapy

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How to use Arimidex 1 mg?

Depending on the goal of your workout, bodybuilders use 0.5-1 mg Arimidex 1 mg per day to every third day. Intermediate bodybuilders, who primarily want to completely eliminate the estrogen effect, use Arimidex 1 mg/day, while with light steroid cures the dose is usually lowered to 0.5-1 mg anastrozole every 2-3 days.

As a guideline, 0.5-1 mg anastrozole every other day with 500-750mg testosterone per week. In post-cycle therapy, 0.5 mg is used daily.

Beginners: 0.25-1 mg/day
Intermediate: 0.25-1 mg/day
Professional: 0.25-1 mg/day
Woman: 0.25-1 mg/day
Application period: Cure length, Post-Cycle-Therapy


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