Apto Turinabol 10 Mg

Manufacturer : Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance : Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Pack : 50 Tabs x 10 mg
Form : Oral
Shipping : USA Domestic

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Apto Turinabol belongs to the category of oral steroids.
Apto Turinabol 10 mg is used to improve physique and performance.


What is Apto Turinabol 10 mg?

Apto Turinabol 10 mg is an anabolic steroid that contains chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. With chlorodehydromethyltestosterone in Apto Turinabol 10 mg, you can gain more muscle and have a better appearance.

What is Apto Turinabol 10 mg used for?

Apto Turinabol 10 mg is a steroid that has primarily anabolic and moderately androgenic effects with chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. The effect of Apto Turinabol 10 mg on the external appearance of the body is therefore somewhere between stanozolol and methandienone. When used, there is an increase in solid muscle mass and your strength.

To a certain extent, the success with anabolic/androgenic steroids depends on the amount consumed. This is also the case with chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. The larger the dose, the higher the expected blood concentration of the active ingredient and thus the effect. The intake of 10 mg increases the blood concentration by about 1.5 times, while 40 mg increases the concentration by 4.5 times.

What is in a box of Apto Turinabol 10 mg?

Each package of Apto Turinabol 10 mg contains 50 tablets X 10 mg.



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How to use Apto Turinabol 10 mg?

Women mostly use a lower dose of chlorodehydromethyltestosterone in the range of 5-20 mg/day. With chlordehydromethyltestosterone in Apto Turinabol 10 mg as a single active ingredient, bodybuilders can achieve good gains in terms of both physical strength and muscle mass, taking doses of 40-60 mg/day.

The maximum intake period of Apto Turinabol 10 mg should not exceed 6-8 weeks due to potential liver stress.

Beginners: 20- 40 mg/day
Intermediate bodybuilders: 20- 40 mg/day
Professional bodybuilders: 40-60 mg/day
Women: 5-20 mg/day
Application period: 6-8 weeks


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